Greetings Adventurers,


Due to a lot of messages asking double drop weekend instead of XP we will be having x2 drop rates This weekend instead of XP.

May the Drops be epic!

Small Addition: Summoner char is now available from level 1

Greetings Adventurer!

With the grand opening just a few hours away we would like to introduce our VIP Package:

VIP Package for 30 Days:

  • Increase Experience x2 (Normal is x1).
  • Increase Monster Dropped zen by +50%.
  • Increase Monster Drop Rate by x20 (Normal is x10).
  • With VIP enabled Player can create MG/DL/SUM at level 50 (Normal 220 for MG SUM and 250 for DL).
  • Temporarily disabled - Enables /ware 0 1 2 3 Command - Gives Extra 3 warehouses (Normal has just 1).
  • Enables /store Command - Custom store to sell for jewels or WCoin.
  • Enables /offstore - Leave store char in-game with the game client closed.

The Package costs 2000 Wcoins and can be purchased once you are logged in with the account to the website.


Greetings Adventurer

Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of our Hardcore Mu Server and we would like to announce a Level Race Event.

The Rules are simple! We will reward the first 5 players to reach 300 level with the following reward:

⭐️👉🏅Level 2 Wings+L
⭐️👉🏅Excellent Pendant+2 Opt +4%recovery
⭐️👉🏅3000 Credits

For Server information 👉
To Download Client👉
To Register👉

Best of luck Adventurers!
And see you in-game!

Like and Share Event

Greetings Adventurer,

As October 1st is closer and closer we have decided to make a small event to help you on your start!
Each participant will receive a small reward and one lucky winner will get a full month of VIP for the GRAND OPENING.

To participate in the event please visit our Facebook page:

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