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Patch notes 04/03/2020



Greetings Adventurers,


We did some changes so the game is more accommodating to the new Players.


Here are the changes done:

Dynamic XP from LVL 1 to 300:

  • Server Base XP is x2 and x3 for VIP users


  • 1 - 100 Level = Base Exp Multiplied by x3
  • 101 - 200 Level = Base Exp Multiplied by x2
  • 200 - 300 Level = Base Exp Multiplied by x1.5


Map Changes:

  • Noria is now a NonPvP map so new players can do Invasions that occur on this map safely.


Invasion Changes:

Reduced Hp and defense on the following invasion monsters:

Golden Invasion:

  • Golden Budge Dragon
  • Golden Rabbit
  • Golden Goblin
  • Golden Soldier
  • Golden Titan


Lunar Rabbit Invasion:

  • Lunar Rabbit


Red Dragon Invasion:

  • Red Dragon


Changes to Drops from Invasions:

  • Red Dragons now has 40% chance to drop Jewel Of Life


Other Changes:

  • Removed time limit on the small wings received from quest. They will no longer expire.


High-level related changes:


  • Ruud Reward for events and invasion kills increased x3 times
  • Vote Reward increased X3 times


Hardcore Loot box system:


I would like to introduce a new Loot box. THE HARDCORE LOOT BOX The level will range from +1 to +6

Hardcore Loot box +1 Is now implemented into game drops and has a 100% chance to drop if you manage to kill the Hardcore Spirit.

Hardcore spirit is a boss monster that has a 10% chance to be summoned by White Wizard Or Skeleton King.





Posted 03 / 04 / 2020 By izidorius

Currently this is only one server.