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Hardcore Mu



Join our server with at least 4 friends and you can receive special bonuses! 

Get your Crew ready for an epic adventure!


To participate in this event you must follow all the steps as follows:


1) You must first level your character to level 100 and create a guild.

2) You must create a Guild with the desired name, and have your guild (in total 5 members. Guild master and 4 members that came to play with you).

3) Once you have gathered in the guild, all go to the desired map together, you must make a ScreenShot, in which you and the members will be display: The name of each Player, with the phrase "HardcoreMU", written in normal chat.

4) The Guild Master will create a Facebook Post on their Facebook wall, mentioning the names of the players appearing within the Screen Shot, in the following way with the screenshot taken in-game:

Guild Name: Fallen

Guild Master: Rex

Member: BLooD

Member: TUFF

Member: Gold

Member: SouL

5) All characters must have a minimum of level 100 to be considered.

6) Within 1-3 days (but usually faster) after the Characters, the accounts and the IP of the participants will be verified, if they are truly new accounts, distinct people, distinct IP, the bonus will be granted by the Administrator on each player separately.


The bonus for each player consists of:

Free VIP for a month for each new player. (1 character per person)

5 x Box of kundun+1

1 x Backpack




1) The bonus applies only to new players coming to the server, not to the characters that the current players create or own.

2) Any violation or attempt to deceive will be grounds to Ban Character, account or IP, depending on the damages caused.



Posted 18 / 03 / 2020 By izidorius

Currently this is only one server.