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This guide covers most features available in-game:

Commands you can use in game:

/addstrthis command will let you add Strength points
/addagithis command will let you add Agility points
/addvitthis command will let you add Stamina points
/addenethis command will let you add Energy points
/addcmdthis command will let you add Command points
/postthis command will post a message in global chat, it is free of charge and has no level limitation. Be advised that the server is international hence english is the main language expected for use in /post chat. 
/warchallenge another guild to war
/soccerchallenge another guild into soccer match
/re onallow requests (such as /party or /trade)
/re offdo not allow and instantly decline requests (such as /party or /trade)
/re autoaccept /party requests automatically
/re auto XXXXaccept /party requests where the XXXX is the password. Both players need to have the same command used for the party to register automatically.
/lock XXXXcommand which locks your items from being transfered elsewhere. XXXX refers to a password of 4 digits. make sure to remember the digits!!!
/unlock XXXXcommand which enables your items to be transfered after the abovementioned /lock command being used.
/setparty XXXX4 digits password to create a party. For a player to join the party, even from another map type /joinparty XXXX. The XXXX refers to 4 digit number.
/readdreset stats for 5000 WC
/remasterreset Master skill tree for 5000 WC
/attackCommand described in a separate guide
/offattackCommand described in a separate guide
/offstoreCommand described in a separate guide

In game additional hotkeys:

Tabtoggle mini map on/off. Starter maps have custom spots. 
XOpen cash store. Can only be accessed in saze zone
Hshows event timers
Jopens the Jewel Bank feature
F10toggles camera mode on/off (use the middle mouse scroll to adjust zoom in and out)

Other Features:

Jewel BankPress "J" to open it and use the buttons to withdraw the jewels each or in stacks. Press Ctrl+Right Click to place jewel into the Jewel Bank.
Item postPress Shift+Right Click to /post an item with its options. Hold shift and hover your mouse over an item to see the items recently posted.
Website marketLog in your account and use the web market to post your items for a certain price. During all the actions regarding website market and warehouse the account must be disconnected.
RuudRuud is earned throughout events and quests in the HardcoreMu continent. Can be used to purchase end-game items at Priest James in Lorencia.
Compact guildsServer features alliances with maximum 2 guilds, each consisting maximum of 10 players regardless of who the guild master character is. This is done to stimulate competition.
Muun PetsAvailable from endgame events and Illusion Temple, these pets provide awesome bonuses!
Duel betWhen entering a duel, a trade window pops up and players choose what they duel for. The winner takes the other player's goodies.
Guild VaultTalk to the guild master, while being a member of a guild to open the guild vault. Items can be shared among the members of the guild this way!


Posted 09 / 12 / 2019

Currently this is only one server.