Grand Opening Season 6.15 X2 Rate
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Hardcore Mu

Server features

These are the following commands you can use in game:

/addstr - this command will let you add Strength points
/addagi - this command will let you add Agility points
/addvit - this command will let you add Stamina points
/addene - this command will let you add Energy points
/addcmd - this command will let you add Command points
/post - this command will post a message in global chat

/war - challenge another guild to war

/soccer - challenge another guild into soccer match

/re - toggle request on/off/automatic

/marry to - can only be used at Devias 2 to marry another player

/marry divorce - can only be divorced after a week of being married

/lock - 4 digits password enables items being moved from inventory

/lock - 4 digits password disable /lock command
/offpvp - disables pvp (temporarily disabled)

/pack <10/20/30/50/100> - stacks jewel in inventory

/unpack <10/20/30/50/100> - unstacks jewel in inventory

/setparty - 4 digits password for party

/joinparty - 4 digits code to join party (works even when not in the same map)

/readd - reset stats for 5000 WC
/remaster - reset Master skill tree for 5000 WC

In game additional features:
Tab key - toggle mini map on/off

X key - Open cash store. Can only be accessed in saze zone

H key - shows event timers
J key - opens the Jewel Bank feature
F10 - toggles camera mode on/off (use the middle mouse scroll to adjust zoom in and out)

New Features:
Jewel Bank - enables you to hide jewels and withdraw anywhere (this feature is accessible by pressing U button and selecting Jewel Bank) you can also choose to withdraw jewels in stack/unstack by click on 1/10/20/30/**
Left Ctrl + Right Click on jewel to store automatically in Jewel Bank from inventory


Duel Bet - You can now bet items/jewels/zen on duel and winner takes all!

WC VIP available commands(this will not be available to Vote VIP players):
/ware <0/1/2> - this command will let you switch between vault storage

/warehouse - this command will let you open vault in safe zones

/attack - This is to set up for /offattack command


Dark Wizard
/attack 9 1 - Evil Spirit + Mana Shield
/attack 14 1 - Inferno Hell + Shield Mana

/attack 39 1 - Ice Storm + Shield Mana

Dark Knight
/attack 41 1 - Twisted Slash + Swell
/attack 43 1 - Death Stab + Swell


/attack 235 1 - Multishot + Buffs (Only after level 220 quest)
/attack 235 0 - Multishot (Only after level 220 quest)

Magic Gladiator
/attack 9 1 - Evil Spirits
/attack 56 1 - Power Slash
/attack 236 1 - Flame Striker
/attack 237 1 - Lightning Storm

/attack 215 5 - Chaos Lightning + Buffs

/attack 230 1 - Lightning Shock+ Buffs

Dark Lord
/attack 60 1 Force
/attack 61 1 Fire Burst

/attack 238 1 Chaotic Desier

Additional commands with /attack enabled:
/pick <chaos/bless/soul/life/exc/zen> - Toggle on/off to pick specific jewels/exc/zen.

/offattack - will let you afk with the client off


Important Notes:
1. WC VIP can only be earned through in-game events (battle royale,TvT,etc..) top voters (top 3 voters selected each month - [totalvotes] x 10 = WC currency awarded) and through donation. This currency is tradeable and can be used to purchase other in-store items by pressing X while in safe zone.
2. Vote VIP can be purchased through Goblin Points which is earned through voting or tradeable, however this only grants 2x exp without the new available commands for WC VIP (like /offattack).

Events (following events have 10 WC rewarded for winners):
TvT (Team Versus Team) - random teams fight against each other. Winning team gets awarded 10 WC each
Battle Royale - you will have 700 points with no items (1 winner only and get 10 WC)
Survival - any level can join and starts with minimum 4 players (1 winner get 10 WC)

Website New Features:
1. Account Panel - this feature allows players to hide info, add stats, warp character, PK clear, clear inventory or zen wallet to transfer zen between characters and other places.
2. Market - You can buy and sell items for WC, Bless, Soul, Chaos, Life.

3.  Warehouse - you can manage your vault items here (needs to be disconnected from game)


Posted 09 / 12 / 2019

Currently this is only one server.