Grand Opening Season 6.15 X2 Rate
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Hardcore Mu

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Welcome to Hardcore MU. I hope you will join us on this epic adventure!

What is this server and what is so special about it you ask?

Well, let me first explain who we are and the reasons behind this server.

We are a team of MU veterans that enjoy hard and old school servers. If you found us - you are more then likely the same as us. We enjoy a hard game that rewards you for your effort and time spent, where even a simple excellent drop feels special, where if you want to be the "Alpha Dog" you need to actually know how to play the game and not just pull out your credit card. Don't get me wrong - donations are welcome and are critical for the server but it is not a priority. We are not here to earn money, we have jobs for that! The money generated by donations will be spent purely on server improvement and advertising to bring a big crowd of likeminded players, just like you and me. We all agreed that the items that can be purchased should be more of a convenience to the player than a necessity to be competitive.

Let us know what you think about the server and where we can improve.

Don't be a stranger, and will see you in-game :)

Below you can see some of the server information:

General Information
Server VersionSeason 6.3
Master Experience1x
Maximum Level400 Normal / 300 Master
Game Clients2 Per IP
Cash ShopNo Overpowered buffs or in-game items. The shop is designed so it provides convenience instead of advantage
Elf Phantom NPC BuffOnly in Devil Square
ResetsHell NO!


Character Creation

Dark Lordlvl 250lvl 50
Magic Gladiatorlvl 220lvl 50
Summonerlvl 1lvl 1
Rage FighterDisabledDisabled


Party Bonus Experience

MembersExperience Rate
Same Character ClassesGolden party
2 Players90%90%
3 Players100%100%
4 Players105%110%
5 Players110%115%


Posted 26 / 12 / 2019

Currently this is only one server.