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Ruud Guide



OYEEE listen up here fellas. You been asking yourself "What's all this Ruud stuff about?" and "What's the big deal in getting this Ruud as a reward for spending my time doing events?"


Well, be advised that it's well worth your time there dear fella. Let's go into a bit of detail.


You can see your Ruud value in your X-shop. Ruud is a currency used to spend at the ruud shop, more precisely the Big and the Great Priest James in Lorencia, where most of ya crazy hardcore oldschool Mu players would remember Pasi the Mage being. 

So, as a new player (on the server of course, overall I bet you are a veteran hardcore fetishist killing Medusas with "Energy Ball" skill in your sleep) you cannot interact with this NPC until level 300. This is a very simple measure to stop any kind of abuse from hoard-voting and stuff like that. Either way let's be real, you aren't going to need this NPC before you hit master level any way. So that buddy James as of now (early March 2020 when coronavirus is still a thing, lel) has the following stuff up for grabs (given you have been a good boy/girl and got all that juicy and sweet ruud for him)

Now up there at the top row, yeah you guessed right, that's your weapons, the stuff you gonna use to slay down your enemies. The stuff you you gonna link in /post chat for your opponents to see and quietly be jealous. Any weapon costs 100,000 ruud to buy. While placed in Chaos Machine, master goblin is gonna make it with a 100% chance into a 3 excellent option+Skill+Luck weapon. As an example:


The sets! Yes the sets, you can also buy at buddy James. At the price of hard-earned 50000 Ruud you can buy a "Sealed Bloodangel" armor piece (helm or boots for example. That combined with an "Ancient Soul" will turn the item into an actual armor specifically designed for the class who created it. For example a Magic Gladiator who mainly has energy will get an ancient set piece which requires high energy to wear and which gives wizardry bonuses. On the other hand a strength magic gladiator will get a high strength requiring set piece and one which will modify his physical damage. And yes as you would probably expect these sets have very good options as well as being designed to be all-round strongest for their class.

Apart from the Bloodangel stuff you can also buy the "Socket Note" which is required fot you to make a 380 level socket weapon into a level 400 socket weapon which has higher damage and savage looks. For example the infamous Rune Bastard Sword will turn into an Asura.

The server administration does reserve their right to add/change the Ruud shop items available.

So it's about time you switch to your HardcoreMu client and get farming some Ruud!



Posted 04 / 03 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.