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Offattack and Offstore Guide

Hey there HardcoreMu player.


We got some epic features for you called Offattack and Offstore .


Offattack feature is available for accounts that have VIP status active. This feature allows your beloved char to stay ingame and carry out basic functions such as attack using a skill of choice, buff and pick up some items. There is a limit of 2 active clients and a limit of overall 10 total clients running (including offline store and offline attack accounts). Keep this in mind and let's get rolling.

Firstly set up your /attack (it is a basic bot-like function which makes your character attack). Down below you will see a list of most /attack functions which you will need in your adventure. Apart from using the attack skill your character will also use pre-defined buff.

Next step is to set up what you want your character to pick up:

  • /pick chaos = pickup chaos
  • /pick bless = pickup bless
  • /pick life = pickup JOL
  • /pick soul = pickup soul
  • /pickup gem = pickup gemstone
  • /pickup exc = pickup excellent tier items
  • /pickup setitem = pickup ancient tier items

When you are done with the above settings, run /offattack command. Your HardcoreMu client will get disconnection message, but worry not, your beloved toon is still wrecking chaos on the continent of HardcoreMu.



This feature has no specific requirements to use. Simply type a /offstore command on a character with a store open. (Keep in mind you can only open the store in Loren Market map) Don't forget to log back time to time to collect your shiney jewels from the sales :D Clients per IP limits apply.

Posted 18 / 03 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.